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LEUKOCARE´s 7th Scientific Formulation Symposium

LEUKOCARE´s Scientific Formulation Symposium offered interesting talks about Formulation Development of Viral Vectors, Biologics Product Development and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


"Pharma Tech Outlook: Top 10 Drug Discovery&Development Solution Providers in Europe 2019-LEUKOCARE AG"


LEUKOCARE is part of Top 10 Drug Discovery & Development Solution Providers in Europe 2019


Exploring Amino Acid- Based and Stable Spray- Dried Vaccinations

European Biopharmaceutical Review January 2019, pages 28-36. © Samedan Ltd

ALTRICHTER J. ET AL: Exploring Amino Acid- Based and Stable Spray- Dried Vaccinations

"2018 Survey- Formulation in the Drug Development Process"

Rentschler Biopharma SE / LEUKOCARE AG/ Informa Pharma Intelligence

"2018 Survey- Formulation in the Drug Product Development Process": 2018 Survey ‘Formulation in the Drug Product Development Process’, based on research from Informa Pharma Intelligence

"Formulation matters"

European Biotechnology | Autumn Edition | Vol. 17 | 2018

"Formulation matters": Interview with LEUKOCARE´s CEO Michael Scholl about the impact of formulation on drug product performance.


Amino acid-based advanced liquid formulation development for highly concentrated therapeutic antibodies balances physical and chemical stability and low viscosity

Biotechnol. J. 2018, 13, 1700523

SCHOLZ M. ET AL.:Amino acid-based advanced liquid formulation development for highly concentrated therapeutic antibodies balances physical and chemical stability and low viscosity



2014 December, PLoS ONE 9(12): e115940. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.

WINDOLF C.D. ET AL.:Lysostaphin-Coated Titan-Implants Preventing Localized Osteitis by Staphyloccus aureus in a Mouse Model (more...)

Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

2014 July; Vol. 10, Issue 10, Meeting Report

DERWAND R.: Annual World Vaccine Congress 2014: A re-evaluation of the value proposition for increasing vaccine thermostability (more...)


2014 April; Vol. 32, Issue 19

SCHERLIESS R. ET AL.: Induction of protective immunity against H1N1 influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 with spray-dried and electron-beam sterilised vaccines in non-human primates


Materials Today

2012 September; Vol. 15, Number 9

TSCHELIESSNIG R. ET AL.: Nano-coating protects biofunctional materials


Biotechnology Journal

2012 March; Vol. 7, Issue 8

SCHOLZ M. and LÜKING A.: A protein-stabilizing technology for enhanced antibody stability and antibody-binding profiles in a microchip array



2011 Mar; 216(3): 334-42

PAUNEL-GOERGUELUE A. ET AL.: Stimulation of Fas signaling down-regulates activity of neutrophils from major trauma patients with SIRS


Journal of Inflammation

2010 Apr; 20(7): 18

LÖGTERS T. ET AL.: Extracorporeal immune therapy with immobilized agionistic anti-Fas antibodies leads to transient reduction of circulating neutrophil numbers and limits tissue damage after hemorrhagic shock/resuscitation in a porcine model


Journal of Immunology

2009 Nov; 15: 183(10): 6198-6206

PAUNEL-GOERGUELUE A. ET AL.: McI-1-mediated impairment of the intrinsic apoptosis pathway in circulating neutrophils from critically ill patients can be overcome by Fas stimulation


Medical Microbiology and Immunology

2009 Nov; 198(4): 211-9

LÖGTERS T. ET AL.: The clinical value of extracellular traps


Journal of Orthopaedic Research

2009 Nov; 27(11): 1401-7

LÖGTERS T. ET AL.: Diagnostic accuracy of neutrophil-derived circulating free DNA (cf-DNA/NETs) for septic arthritis


Shock Journal

2009 Jul; 32(1): 29-34

LÖGTERS T. ET AL.: Increased plasma kynurenine values and kynurenine: tryptophan ratios after major trauma are early indicators for the development of sepsis


Shock Journal

2008 Oct; 30 (4): 352-8

MARGRAF S. ET AL.: Neutrophil-derived circulating free DNA (cf-DNA/NETs): a potential prognostic marker for posttraumatic development of inflammatory second hit and sepsis


Journal of Inflammation

2007 Oct; 4:21

ABDEL-RAHMAN U. ET AL.: Inhibition of neutrophil activity improves cardiac function after cardiopulmonary bypass


Medical Research Reviews

2007 May; 27(3): 401-16

SCHOLZ M. ET AL.: Neutrophils and the blood-brain barrier dysfunction after trauma


Medical Research Reviews

2005 May; 25(3): 331-42

SCHOLZ M. ET AL.: Fas/FasL interaction: a novel immune therapy approach with immobilized biologicals


Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

2005 Apr 8; 329(2): 616-23

SCHULLER AM. ET AL.: Degradation of microvascular brain endothelial cell beta-catenin after co-culture with activated neutrophils from patients undergoing cardiac surgery with prolonged cardiopulmonary bypass


ASAIO Journal

2005 Mar-Apr; 51(2): 144-7

SCHOLZ M. ET AL.: First efficacy and safety results with the antibody containing leukocyte inhibition module in cardiac surgery patients with neutrophil hyperactivity


Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

2004 Jun; 127(6): 1735-42

SCHOLZ M. ET AL.: In vivo inhibition of neutrophil activity by a FAS (CD95) stimulating module: arterial in-line application in a porcine cardiac surgery model



2004 Jan; 19(1): 11-6

MORENO JB. ET AL.: Inhibition of neutrophil activity in cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass: a novel strategy with the leukocyte inhibition module