Your Advantages

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improved stability
  • Better protection during processing and terminal sterilization
  • Increased cost-effectiveness

LEUKOCARE’s SPS® technologies allow for cost savings, new products & markets, increased quality & safety as well as competitive edges


Typical Stability Issues

Many proteins and biologics are prone to chemical and physical degradation, like oxidation and deamidation or aggregation and denaturation due to:

  • pH changes, active oxygen species, free radicals, e.g. during processing and production
  • Increased temperature, cold, freezing, e.g. during storage
  • Terminal sterilization, if required


SPS® provide manifold advantages and successfully address many different factors:

  • Increased stability – preserved functionality and extended shelf life
  • Improved protection – during processing and terminal sterilization
  • Higher cost-effectiveness
  • Shorter time to market
  • Provides FTO plus opportunity for patent filing of specific formulations

YOUR Advantages

  • Standardized technology platform
  • One platform for multiple specific needs
  • Easily adaptable
  • Short development time
  • Higher probability of success

Insufficient stability during manufacturing, fill & finish and long term storage are often bottlenecks for development, approval and commercialization of innovative products.

Our proprietary Stabilizing and Protecting Solutions (SPS®) formulation technologies represent a faster and more reliable approach compared to case-by-case development processes.