Improving Vaccines

Examples of viable antigens and vaccines

  • SPS® technologies increase the thermal stability and protect an H1N1 influenza A vaccine
  • The preserved efficacy of the influenza A vaccine was demonstrated in vivo

Cutting-edge stability of dry and liquid formulations in human and animal health. Expertise in inactivated and live attenuated virus vaccines.

LEUKOCARES’s SPS technology can be applied to all kinds of viruses used in human and animal health vaccines.

Scherließ et al., 2014: Induction of protective immunity against H1N1 influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 with spray-dried and electron-beam sterilised vaccines in non-human primates

Vaccine, 17 2014, Vol.32(19), pp.2231-40 (Link)

The figure shows seroconversion titers of a typical animal model with five different treatment groups, including a PBS control, an inactivated influenza A vaccine in original liquid formulation (H1N1, enveloped RNA virus, Pandemrix®), one spray-dried formulation with mannitol after β-irradiation (E-beam, 25 kGy) and the SPS®-formulated and spray-dried vaccine before and after β-irradiation (E-beam, 25 kGy).

After irradiation of the spray-dried formulation with mannitol (Pandemrix®, SD/β-irradiated), seroconversion completely disappeared.

Seroconversion by the SPS®-formulated vaccine was comparable to the original control (Pandemrix®) and was fully maintained even after irradiation.

The study was done in cooperation with Public Health England.

LEUKOCARES’s SPS technology can be applied to all kinds of viruses used in human and animal health vaccines.

The figure shows hemagglutination titers for five different groups of a reformulated inactivated influenza A vaccine in comparison to the original liquid formulation which served as a positive control (H1N1, enveloped RNA virus, Pandemrix®).

Lyophilization of the original liquid formulation (Pandemrix®) resulted in a loss of antigen activity.

After lyophilization the SPS®-stabilized and -protected antigen demonstrated titers comparable to the original formulation (dark blue column). Even after accelerated aging at 45°C for 7 days or stressing of the lyophilized SPS®-protected vaccine with 25 kGy or 40 kGy β-irradiation (E-beam) hemagglutination titers were mainly maintained.