Experts in Sterile Drug Product Development Services

Leukocare provides our clients with the best-in-class drug product development services. We combine decades of formulation expertise and state-of-the-art data science to improve your drug product formulation. This reduces risks and saves time in drug development programs, and can significantly increase commercial success. We provide flexible service modules to fit your development stage, needs, timelines, and budget. Our services can also support the life-cycle management of already commercialized products.

In addition to formulation development services, Leukocare offers the ability to extend the scientific workbench of clients by providing drug product development services ranging from Developability Assessment and Drug Substance Characterization through Stability Studies and Particle Characterization to Non-GMP Processing and Manufacturing. We offer these services for various modalities, including Antibodies, Viruses, Viral vectors, LNPs, Exosomes, Proteins, Peptides, Enzymes, RNA, and Small Molecules.

Formulation development at LEUKOCARE

Pushing boundaries of biopharmaceutical product and ATMP development by combining innovative biostatistics, artificial intelligence and vast formulation expertise with first-class analytics.

Formulation development approach
LEUKOCARE approach Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence are strategically combined at Leukocare to explore a broader design space than conventional approaches and to reach optimal formulations in less time at lower costs.
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Standard approach

Modalities for Drug Product Development

Covering a range of modalities such as Antibodies/HighCon Antibodies, ADCs, Proteins, Peptides, Enzymes, Viruses, Viral Vectors, mRNA-LNPs, Exosomes, and Small Molecules, Leukocare's formulation expertise and analytical services help de-risk your drug product development.

Who we are

Leukocare is a team of highly dedicated scientists and business people committed to delivering the best services, technologies and solutions to our customers and partners.

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