What we do


Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence are strategically combined at Leukocare to explore a broader design space than conventional approaches to reach optimal formulations in less time at lower costs. Leukocare’s AI and bioinformatics approach is superior to empirical science: shifting from in vitro to in silico —quality over quantity:

Increased quality: AI allows coverage of a broader design space

Find new ideas for formulation using uncommon combinations

  • Better Quality of formulations

Reduced development time by shifting in vitro to in silico

Replace assays by deep learning

  • Algorithms to predict stabilizing formulations
  • Design of experiments instead of high-throughput screening

Enhanced efficiency by intelligent algorithms

Enhanced efficiency by intelligent algorithms

  • Web crawler to trace and compile information from the internet

Key elements of Leukocare’s Bioinformatics approach:

Custom made deep learning algorithms, proprietary web crawler and database for formulation prediction:

Efficient, statistically-proven experiments implemented by Design of Experiment (DoE) methodology to substitute traditional high-throughput screening (HTS) > customized statistical software for experimental DoE planning and data evaluation. (©Stella Grosso, MSc. MSc.)

At Leukocare, contours based on response surface modelling are used to intuitively present the predicted best concentration of excipients combinations to enhance DS stability for the development of optimal formulations.