What we do


Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Design of Experiment (DoE) are combined at Leukocare to explore a broader design space than conventional approaches to reach optimal formulations in less time at lower costs. In comparison to trial-and-error and high-throughput screening, the rational design of wet-lab experiments together with in silico analyses requires less drug substance and yields more value for each experiment.

The right data enables the right decisions:

  • Design of Experiments (DoE) instead of high-throughput screening
  • Pharma 4.0: advanced device digitalization and data processing
  • Automated data quality checks in accordance with Quality by Design principles
  • AI to predict drug and formulation properties

Diagram (left) shows an optimization design space

Reduce development time by shifting experiments from in-vitro to in-silico:

  • Molecular modelling and structural analysis
  • Client services for structurally-informed selection of protein drug candidates
  • Customized algorithms to predict long-term drug stability
  • Response surface methodology to predict stability of untested formulations

Model (left) shows the prediction of aggregation sites

Response Surface Methodology:

  • Contours based on RSM intuitively predict the best concentration of excipients' combinations
  • Synergistic interactions between excipients are detected and exploited for enhancing formulation composition.
  • Enhanced Drug Substance stability for the development of optimal formulations
  • Data-driven bioinformatics using innovative methods to save time in drug formulation development.

Picture (left) shows response surface methodology contour plot.