Press Releases

  • Apr. 2015
    LEUKOCARE participates in European consortium to validate blood-based biomarkers for cancer
  • Apr. 2014
    New book release covering Biofunctional Surface Engineering of medical devices
  • Mar. 2014
    LEUKOCARE is pleased to announce the launch of its new website in March 2014
  • Dec. 2013
    LEUKOCARE licenses its stabilizing and protecting technologies for veterinarian vaccine
  • Oct. 2013
    Scil Proteins and LEUKOCARE develop a stabilized recombinant human thrombin manufactured in bacteria
  • Oct. 2013
    Innovative Influenza A vaccine formulation increases stability and provides new options for production and storage
  • Oct. 2013
    Xenios and LEUKOCARE announce strategic partnership in the field of anti-inflammatory coatings for next generation extracorporeal support systems
  • Sep. 2013
    LEUKOCARE announces EUR 3.4 M capital increase
  • May. 2013
    LEUKOCARE in collaboration with Technical University Munich (TUM) develops a novel HBV vaccine and receives grant by German government
  • Oct. 2012
    2012LEUKOCARE licenses biomarker cell-free DNA to Trillium Diagnostics