Press Releases

  • Sep. 2012
    LEUKOCARE to publish scientific findings and background of its SPS®-technology in Materials Today
  • Jul. 2012
    LEUKOCARE provides key technologies for tumour diagnosis in personalized medicine research project
  • Feb. 2012
    LEUKOCARE to receive Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious 2011 Biotechnology Investment Opportunity Award
  • Dec. 2011
    LEUKOCARE´s QM System Passes Surveillance Audit Successfully
  • Oct. 2011
    German Ministry of Economics Grants Nonrefundable Subsidies to LEUKOCARE for Development of Functional Coatings in Orthopedic Implants
  • Jul. 2011
    Sanofi-Pasteur evaluates LEUKOCARE’s SPS® technology for vaccine stabilization
  • Nov. 2010
    LEUKOCARE signs cooperation agreement with Sterigenics
  • Jun. 2010
    LEUKOCARE appoints VP Business Development
  • Dec. 2009
    Grant of LSM patent
  • Jul. 2009
    Successful completion of LIMFRA-Study